Chapter 9
The Truth Unveiled

The sun had already rose above the Capsule Corps, brightened the room through the large window. It was already mid-noon. Trunks was now seated on a soft cushion in the living room. Miko who wishes to glue to him, sat on Trunks' lap with an round object in his hand. He tossed into the air and let it fall back into his hand. He seemed entertain enough, Trunks thought. Luckily, his mother brought a new toy for Miko, or else he'll have to deal with his son's whining.

Torie, on the other hand, had been behaving since she arrived, which didn't surprised Trunks much. She, too, chose to stick by his side. In her usual quiet manner, she chose to stand instead of sit beside him.

Seated on the other sofa was Bulma and a two years old girl whom Trunks was shocked to learn only hours ago was his sister. Trunks watched amazingly as Bulma removed the band from the lavender hair girl and brushed it with a thin black comb. Bra, the name of his sister, was staring wondrously at him with a pacifier in her small mouth. He stared back at her with the same wonder, not because of her features, but her very existence. Can it be true that his father, the proud Saiyajin prince, had actually settled down and bore another child? The idea had Trunks shaking his head in disbelief.

"What? Still doesn't believe she's your sister?" Bulma asked amusingly when she saw Trunks shook his head again. She removed the comb and placed it lightly beside her. She took all of Bra's thin hair in one bundle and brought in on top of her head. With a red ribbon, she tied it neatly together.

Trunks laughed nervously. "Well, I have to believe it now."

Bulma's face became dream-like. She stopped tousling with Bra's hair and gazed in the direction of the backroom, where the yard is. "He changed a lot since you left. He cares now, of course in his own silent way. He didn't say it, but I know he was secretively happy when Bra was born." Bulma trailed off.

Trunks felt a strange kind of grief starting to take over his body. He learned over the past hours what kind of man his father had become and his attempt to save the world with his life. He was utterly shocked. Life wasn't fair, he thought sadly. He could be the one growing up with his father, knowing him, respecting him, and even loving him. But it's not him and never will be. He was and always will be Trunks without a father. "I'm happy for Trunks-kun and her." Trunks said genuinely.

Bulma returned to the present and flashed a smile weakly. "I know it's still hard for you. At least Miko and Torie will have you. They can have what you were denied of."

Torie lowered her gaze on the clean tile floor. But now I motherless. She thought bitterly.

"I guess." Trunks shrugged. He could feel Miko losing interest in his new toy and started to widget beneath his hold.

Bulma studied her future son and his kids. It seemed like only days ago when he came the first time, but fifteen years had actually pass. She looked at Trunks' feature. The boy she once knew had grown up considerably. His facial structure sharpened in a more manly form. His eyes were filled with wisdom that she knew wasn't there when they first met. She frowned invisibly. There must be something wrong with Trunks, more than what he's letting on.

Bulma studied Trunks' further. Her frown became more visibly deepened. Something was amiss. The picture of Trunks with only his kids somehow seemed out of place. Finally, Bulma detected what was wrong. Bulma cursed herself for not realizing it sooner. She hadn't met Trunks' wife.

Bulma bit her lips and debated if she should ask or have courtesy of others private life.

"What's wrong, kaasan?" Trunks asked concernedly after noticing his mother unusual edgy behavior.

"I was wondering where…" Bulma started but her question was intercepted by Gokou's faint laugh in the corridor. Their head swirled in the direction of the noise. Gokou appeared with his outer red gi shredded to pieces. Dirts and dried bloods were observable on his face and body. "That was the best fight in my life." He exclaimed. He walked and threw himself on the couch where Trunks was seated. He lied his head on his arm and began to relax, smiling with pure satisfaction. "You should have been there, Trunks. I bet the fight will be more interesting."

Vegeta walked out soon after Gokou. His condition wasn't any better than Gokou. His clothes were also shredded. He growled. "We could of spar longer if you didn't keep on complaining you are hungry."

"Dada!" Bra shrieked. Her pacifier fell off her mouth as a result. Her hand flew up and waved, desperately trying to catch her father's attention.

"Shut up, brat. I'm busy here!" He snapped. He walked to the back and leaned against the wall, his hand crossed. He glared at Gokou. "Hurry up and eat so we can spar again." Then his glare abruptly turned to Bulma. "Woman! Cook him some food!" He ordered.

"If you guys haven't notice, I think we have guests here. Maybe you could be nice enough to at least notice their presence instead of fighting." Bulma said in one breath. She breathed heavily after her comments.

"The brat been here before, he can take care of himself, now cook!" Vegeta ordered again. He gazed at Trunks, Miko and Torie with little concern.

Trunks dropped his head. There doesn't seem to be any way he could get his father to talk to him civilly.

"Maybe Trunks and umm…" Gokou scratched his head. He embarrassingly searched his mind for the name of Trunks' kids. Luckily Bulma came to his rescue.

"Torie and Miko." Bulma helped, displeased at the absent-minded man.

"Oh yeah. Maybe they want to eat too." Gokou suggested. His eyes pleaded for them to agree.

Suddenly everyone heard a thunderous growl. Everyone suspiciously searched around. Some looked toward the window and realized there's no clouds or sign of storm. Then everyone turned their head on Gokou, all except Torie.

"It's not me!" Gokou protested.

"Torie did it. Her tummy was making noise." Miko cried out, pointing at Torie's stomach.

"Brat!" Torie muttered through her gritted teeth. She glowered meanly at Miko. Miko escaped her glower by hiding in Trunks' shirt.

Bulma started to laugh. "So they are hungry. Well…I guess I'll go cook something then." She turned to Vegeta. "If you want me to cook, then take care of Bra for me."

"Dada! Carry!" Bra shrieked again. Her arm outstretched as she near her father.

"Hmph!" Was all Vegeta said, but he felt a tight grip on a piece of cloth that was still connected to his shirt. "Dada!" Bra's little body hanged helplessly on Vegeta. Bulma walked off, knowing Vegeta wouldn't dare dropped her. "Dropped her and you'll die." She threatened.

Vegeta growled and picked his daughter from the waistband of her fluffy white dress. She looked up and smiled widely. "Dada." She clapped her hand.

Trunks watched the scene with a heavy sensation. His father actually held his sister. He thought. The only time they ever made contact was when they were fighting.

Torie lied on the unfamiliar bed in a stranger room, given to her by Bulma, her younger grandmother. It was only yesterday she was in her own house. She sealed her eyes tightly, forcing herself to fall asleep. Her body constantly rolled to the left then back to the right. The image of her grandfather repeatedly creeps into her mind. The man her father had described to her from time to time was somehow different, yet at the same time, he was everything her father claimed him to be. He's powerful and have coolness in him. If only she could talk to him or even spar with him. Torie disregarded that thought as soon as it enters her head.

"Baka." She cursed herself. She sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed. It seemed she couldn't get anymore sleep tonight. Her feet touched the cold floor. She tiptoed to the door and slowly cracked it slightly. She peeked out and tested if anyone was still awake. When no one was in sight, she confidently entered the corridor. No one will know I'm missing. She grinned.

The night air was cool as usual beside the lake. The vaporized water from the lake blended in with the gentle breeze of the air blew against the man tiresome face. His head tilted to the star filled sky. With the moon destroyed by Piccolo, only those little bright dots shed lights in the darkness of the place he stood. The chirping of the crickets and the buzzes of the insects noisily filled in the silence, since the only man who stood refused to talk.

Finally, after what seemed like eternity, the man sighed, relaxing under wet breeze air. It was a good idea to get some fresh air. He thought. Somehow he managed to leave the house without anyone noticing. Why? Capsule Corps, although not the same one from his time was remotely built in the same fashion. His relatively joyous moment shared with Cira lied under the same construction of the house he's staying. During the day time, the memories might had easily laid to rest with friendly company of his friends and mother, but at night, the haunting face of his love flowed in his pool of memories. He would unexpectedly touch the side of the bed, only to find his son resting peacefully instead of Cira.

The warrior shed a tear. It glistened beneath the light of a thousand stars. He longed to touch and her; to feel her lips against his; to hear her nag about his table manners. All these would be possible if Cell was destroyed, if his missions hadn't failed. He hasn't told the others of his true purpose for coming here, yet he has a feeling they knew, though not in details. He sighed deeply. He couldn't find the right time. He found it rather discourteous to burst in there and released all his anger, his frustration, and his fear upon them who seemed only too happy with their settled life.

The warrior sighed again. He kneeled down and looked upon the clear crystal water. A familiar scene hit him. The face of his father appeared beside his own reflection. He gasped. Can I be dreaming again? He wondered.

"Tell me boy." His father spoke. "Why did you come here?"

Torie continued to walk softly through the soundless corridor, but paused suddenly when she heard faint whispered behind the close door. She vividly remembered that this peculiar room belongs to her father counterpart. Curious, she pressed her ear against the metal door.

"I still can't believe it if I haven't seen with my own eyes." Torie heard a boy's voice said.


"You know anything can happen. Why do you think they came here?" Goten asked Trunks-kun curiously. He pulled himself up from the sleeping bag that lied beside the Trunks-kun king sized bed. It had been a while since he and Trunks-kun slept on the same bed together. Now that they were grown, sharing bed seemed childish.

His friend sat at the edge of the bed in the same position as himself, crossed legs and his palms cupping his chin. He knew that Trunks-kun has the same uncertainty and interest of the appearance of his future self.

Trunks-kun shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe like Mom said, they came here to visit."

"But don't you think it's weird? I remember Oniisan told me once, when Trunks…I mean the other you came the last time, he saved everyone from dying. Do you think something is going to happen again?" Goten asked.

Trunks threw a pillow on Goten's head for his stupidity. "And don't you remember they told us that the other me timeline is way different from ours. Everyone died except his mother and him. So whatever happen in his time have nothing to do with us." Trunks-kun explained. "Hmm…that's kinda sad living alone though. I can't imagine myself without Papa, you, or anyone else." He shivered from the possibilties.

"Yeah…but you can have a wife and kids." Goten reminded Trunks-kun innocently, teasing at the same time.

"Baka!" Trunks threw another pillow at Goten. "I'm not him, beside I'm way more happier now."

"Remind me to remind you not to have a daughter." Goten stated suddenly. He hugged the pillow Trunks-kun threw at him tightly.

Trunks-kun lifted his brows. "Why?"

"Because she might act just like Torie. The girl gives me the creep." Goten said, shivering.

"I don't see nothing wrong with her. She act just like Papa." Trunks-kun stated, still curious at why Goten was so afraid of her. They didn't really have a chance to talk until now, so he didn't have a chance to discuss about the new visitor.

"Too much. Did you see the way she stare at me the whole day?" Goten gulped. "I don't think she like me that much. This morning I only touched her a little." Goten parted his index fingers and thumb only a centimeter away, indicating how little he touched her. "She almost ripped my hand off, and you know what I think of her?"


"I think she looks like a boy." Goten finished.

Trunks-kun started to laugh hysterically. Suddenly the door to his room blasted open. Both Goten and Trunks-kun jumped up, startled. Before them, they could see a furious redheaded girl. Her face was as red as a tomato. She was engulfed by an aura of sparkling energy. She slowly made her way toward Goten.

Goten shrieked in fear. He tried desperately to get up but anxiety completely took over his body. He squirmed backward while calling for help.

Trunks-kun was equally afraid. He had seen his mom mad before but never like this. He cowardly ran to the furthest end of the room, abandoning his friend to the fearful girl.

Torie rose her hand and slapped Goten across the face. "That's for insulting me, you bastard." Torie roared.

Goten, stunned, was unable to react. He rubbed his face with his hand and stared blankly at the furious face. "Gomen…" He stuttered. He didn't even know she was on the other side eavesdropping.

"Are you nuts?!" Trunks-kun cried. "You have no right to hit people, especially when you staying under my roof." Trunks exclaimed hysterically. His finger accusingly pointed at Torie, but withdrawn after Torie murderously glared at him, too.

"What happened?" Bulma came rushing in the room. She took a glance at all three kids. Her son was at the corner. Goten on the floor, trembling with five fingerprints imprinted on his face, and Torie stood above Goten with an anguish look. Bulma's dropped wide open. "What are you kids doing?"

"Tousan…" Trunks murmured.

Vegeta in his new shirt and trousers stood with his arm crossed waiting for Trunks to reply. "Why did you come here?" He asked again.

"To get some fresh air." Trunks responded. Finally he was alone with his father. Why did his father follow him here? Was he here for a long time? Trunks wondered.

Vegeta snarled. "Don't act stupid with me. You know exactly what I mean."

Trunks lowered his head. Was his father concern? Or simply just curious? "I came to ask for your assistance again." Trunks briefly said. His eyes never met the Saiyajin Prince for he feared his eyes might betray him. He doesn't want to show weakness nor does he want to show his pain.

"What assistance? Don't tell me you started another chaos in your world and want us to clean after your mess." Vegeta spat. His coal black eyes watched the every movement of his rightful heritage, though he refused to admit it verbally.

"Hai." Trunks said softly, so soft that his voice was almost inaudible. "Someone who you also know plagued my world with death." Trunks was now trembling. His voice started to crack from lump inside his throat.

"Don't get sentimental with me." Vegeta warned. "I want to know details."

Trunks nodded lightly. After finally feeling more confident, he lifted his head up and faced his father. He gazed into the man's face and tried to find any implication of concern. Trunks disheartened for the man's face was unreadable, blank like a white sheet of paper.

"I want you to train me again." Trunks managed to say. He was prepared for any curse or derision, or verbal abuse his father might had in store for him after he gave the real reason why he needed to be trained.

"For what?" Vegeta asked, his voice as unreadable as his face.

There was a brief silence between the two men. Tried as he might, he couldn't find the right way to explain the terrifying experience he suffered without revealing his weakness as a warrior. He knew when the truth exposed, his father will find him even more disgraceful and less worthy to claim a title of a saiyajin.

"Well?" Vegeta impatiently waited for an answer.

Trunks hesitated for a second more. "Cell resurrected recently. He came back to claim vengeance upon me."

"Don't tell me you can't defeat him." Vegeta cut Trunks off. Cell…A worthy and a potential opponent. Vegeta frowned as he remembered clearly the battle fifteen years ago. The humiliation of being beaten by a clone of different warriors.

With a sigh, Trunks continued, "At first I can easily destroy him. It was my fault for being too cocky and underestimated the enemy. He escaped and came back ten times stronger than me. I was helpless and had to witness his unmerciful killing."

Vegeta's eyes were closed as he took in all the word Trunks said. "You mention he came back. As Perfect Cell?" Vegeta asked, surprisingly calm.

Trunks was a bit startled at his father's calm voice. Surely he must be mad or at least disgusted by my failure. Trunks thought. "No…he was still in his first form."

"You meaning to tell me you can't defeat Cell even in his first stage?" Vegeta mocked sarcastically. His eyes reopened. He detected a glittering wetness at the corner of his son's eyes. Another displayed of weakness. He snarled.

Trunks shook and lowered his head upon the soiled ground. His lavender hair fell freely beside his face, blocking his sorrow expression from his most respected father. "I can't defeat him. I've tried." And I can't save the person who is most important in my life from him. His pair of leg gave up their support as his knees thumped onto the ground. His hand landed in front of him. He's no longer holding back his tears. He allowed it to fall freely from his lids to the moist soiled ground beneath him. "I've tried." He muttered again. He knew his father was extremely disgusted with him now, but he doesn't care, nor does he have the energy to care.

"What are you doing?" Vegeta blurted angrily at his son. "What are you doing?!" He demanded again when Trunks refused to answer him. He walked toward his son. With a kick, he sent Trunks flying to the edge of the lake. "Look at yourself."

Trunks wearily looked into the pond. A stranger. A tear streaked face. A defeated face. All shown in his reflection.

He slowly walked to his son side and stared too at Trunks' reflection. Trunks was no doubt defeated. His spirit had died. When? Vegeta doesn't know. The boy he remembered so long ago came to save their life. He came with determination to set his life right, to vengeance upon those who had hurt him. Vegeta took another glance at his lavender hair son. He changed. He couldn't detect the same fire and determination that once rightfully belonged in that body. "You came here asking for help, but what you had shown me is pure devastation.

"I am devastated. To the point where nothing goes right in my life." He stared at Vegeta. "I'm starting to believe my very existence had caused all the death and chaos. Death of Gohan. Death of my Cira. Death of millions of people who dies because of Cell's vengeance toward me. I was naïve when I came here seeking for your help. What good will it do? So what if I manage to kill Cell this time? So what if he's dead? By his death, can I guarantee no more lives will be taken away. Can I guarantee there will definitely be peace." Trunks sighed. "I no longer wanted to please you, Father. Seemed like everything I do doesn't seem to fit in your eyes. I don't care if you think I'm a disgrace. If you don't want to train me, so be it."

"Baka!" After Trunks insane words, Vegeta felt his anger boiling within him. He uncrossed his arm and grabbed a handful of Trunks' hair. He pulled it so that Trunks was now face to face with him. "Do you know what you're talking about?!" Vegeta screamed in Trunks' face.

Trunks smirked. A smirk that Vegeta knows so well. "Why do you care?" Trunks has no intention of freeing himself from Vegeta's hold.

Vegeta became more furious at latest comments. He pushed Trunks' face into the clear cold lake. The icy water quickly surrounded Trunks' head. His body began to thrash when his lungs scream for oxygen. Vegeta didn't pull him back up, instead he pushed him further into the water. "I don't care a bit of your sorry life. But what about your kids, your mother, if she's still alive."

Trunks was struck with a familiar feeling when the water entered his mouth and nose. The recent fight with Cell, he realized vividly. He almost lost his life during that battle, but he survived. Kids…He heard his father through the water. Mother…Alive…He noticed his father speaking to him, but he couldn't comprehend the words. Why did I come here? He asked himself as his body began to lose conscience.

"If you want to throw your life away, I'll be glad to help you. If Cell can't do the job right, then I will. You can see your wife soon. She'll be glad to see you knowing you refused to revenge her death. Vegeta taunted. He felt his son body limply beneath his hold. He only wished he could snap out of his insanity before it's too late.

Wife…Revenge…Again Trunks heard his father's word. Suddenly an image of Cira flashed in his mind. Her long red hair and the long black dress he brought her on their last anniversary.

"Something wrong, Cira? Aren't you happy to see me?" Trunks asked disappointedly when he saw Cira's sad face.

"Why Trunks? I thought I told you to forget about me and save our world from their torment. You lied." Cira accused. Her voice was filled with so much sorrow and disappointment, it ached Trunks heart.

"I miss you, Cira." Trunks said, trying to get closer to her but to no avail. Every time he stepped forward, Cira slid back, always out of reach.

"If you miss me, you should listen to Bulma and get the Dragonballs and defeat Cell. We'll meet again. Now go back to where you belong." Cira pleaded.

The image of Cira began to fade. "No!!" He screamed. His hair began to turn golden beneath the water. Vegeta's hand was blown off by the sudden power. "Nani?"

"Cira!" Trunks' head darted out from the water and jumped to his feet. He spun his head around in search of his wife. All he saw was his father's stunned expression. "Cira…" He whispered, lowering his power back to normal. Had it been another dream? He wondered. No. I felt her. She was real. Trunks hestitated momentarily and glanced back at his father. "Arigatou, Tousan." Trunks said genuinely, ashamed at the same time. He was lost earlier, lost in his world of misery and guilt. Luckily his father saved him or Cira will never forgive him for his impotence.

"Finally you snapped out of your senses." Vegeta said, recrossing his arms.

"Hai. Now there's one thing left for me to do." Trunks said, grinning.

Vegeta lifted his eyes. "And what's that?"

"I want you to train me again so I can kill Cell for good." Trunks responded, feeling better now that his father whom he thought didn't care for him actually does.

"I'll think about it." Vegeta returned the grin. This is the son he remembered. The fire and determination in his blue eyes had returned.


"What?" Vegeta growled. Trunks could see his father was back to his usual attitude.

"Thanks for not killing me." Trunks spoke in a playful manner.

"Hmph. If you didn't snapped out of whatever you're doing. I will kill you." Vegeta lifted an inch off the ground. "I'm going back. Coming?" Vegeta invited.

Trunks shook his head. "I'll stay for a little longer."

"Fine with me." With his last word, Vegeta flew away into the direction of Capsule Corps.

Trunks smiled. He felt it now, the bond between his father and him. Trunks walked to the lake where he almost gave up his life. He bent down and touched the icy water causing it to wave. "We meet again." He whispered.

Chapter 10---The Training---Finally at long last, Trunks can began his training. But can he become stronger than Cell with the help of his father and Gokou. Only time can tell...

AUTHOR"S NOTE: Hi peeps! Chapter 9 is a bit of a disappointment, even after writing and rewriting, I'm still not satisfy. *sigh* Be easy on me this time, okie?

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