Chapter 8
The Z Reunion

The ride was quick. With a blink, the time machine transferred Trunks and his kids from the future to the past. A future where its fate and destiny laid in one hand, his hand, with the burden and responsibilities placed heavily once again on his shoulder. A past with memories which had not yet been forgotten.

His front lawn disappeared from the small window inside, along with Chi Chi and his mother. Soon, another landscape came into view. The time machine stopped in mid-air and carefully dismounted on the fresh green grass. Trunks unfastened his seat belts and approached Torie, who sat impatiently in the seat behind with Miko, snoozing warmly on her laps. Trunks quietly withdrew Miko from Torie and adjusted him comfortably in his arm. "We're here."

Torie hastily removed her seat belts and quickly jumped on her feet. She dashed to the window and pressed her nose against the glass. When all she saw was the same landscapes, no different from her time, she frowned. She didn't know what had she been expecting, but she was clearly disappointed in what she is seeing. "This is the past?"

Trunks placed his hand on her shoulder. "There is nothing different here beside the fact we are in another time." Trunks explained.

"I should of known." Torie shrugged.

Trunks smiled and patted Torie lightly on the back before heading for the door. Torie followed.

Trunks with one free hand pushed the switch on the wall. The door let out a hissing noise and slowly began to open. The stairs extended downward from the bottom of the door, making a stairway, which leads to the ground. Trunks stepped outside and took a deep breath. It's been fifteen years. He thought.

Torie appeared after Trunks. Her eyes abruptly viewed the foreign but yet familiar scenery. Looking straight before her, she could see nothing but crystal blue body of water. Behind her was filled with high mountains of granite. "This doesn't look like the place where Ojiisan lives."

Trunks slapped his head lightly. Okaasan must have forgotten to program the destination of the location. "They should be living in the same place we lived at. I guess we have to fly there."

"What are we going to do with this time machine? Leave it here?" Torie questioned.

Trunks shook his head. "There should be a button in the back, push it and it will become a capsule."

"I'll go do it." Torie offered. She vanished behind the time machine. In a couple minutes, the huge machine shrank into a tiny capsule. Torie picked up and glimpsed at it amazingly at the size difference. It's a wonder how these things work. She mused.

"How far is ojiisan's house from here, Otousan?" Torie asked, handing over the capsule to her father.

"I'm not sure. We'll have to find them by sensing their ki." Trunks hesitated before closing his eyes. He remembered the first time he met his father, the man wasn't who he imagined him to be. From his mother's opinion, he pictured his father as an almighty super being. Ironically, he is. But he didn't expect the treatment he got from his unknown father. The coldness, rudeness, and lack of tenderness, who would have thought a father could be that cruel to his own son. Toward the end, he finally realized those were only walls his father built, protecting him from his true self. Only him, his mother, and perhaps Gokou could comprehend his father true feeling. Torie. He thought. She thought too highly of him. How would she feel, if his father neglects her as a granddaughter? Surely, at this young age, she would be devastated. Hopefully, his father had changed. Trunks sighed, returning to his search for his father's ki. Not from where he is at, he detected a strong ki similar to his father rising and another one similar to Gokou. They must be sparring. He thought. "Well…we are not far from them." He told Torie. "We should be leaving."

"Hai." Torie said, smiling at the idea of finally meeting her grandfather. What is he like? She wondered.

Trunks embraced Miko in both of his arm and started to levitate. "Follow me."

Torie rose off the ground and tailed closely behind her father as he started to fly off.

"Why can't he come over to my house? Always bossing me around just because I'm younger." Goten snickered. Although Trunks is his best friend, he couldn't help but get annoyed at his friend's bossiness. And once again, Trunks got his way.

Goten swung his backpack around and continued his complaining. Suddenly he stopped and squinted his eyes to get a clearer view of the person flying toward Capsule Corps. "Trunks?" Rubbing his eyes and making sure he is not seeing things, Goten cried out angrily. "Trunks!!" I thought he's going to school with me. What the hell is he doing here? Goten wondered, feeling his anger rising. "Don't tell me he's going to ditch me when I go out of my way just so we can go to school together."

Goten picked up his speed and flew quickly after him. "Trunks!!" He yelled again.


"Someone is calling your name, otousan." Torie stopped and looked back. A boy with dark funny looking hair who looked about the same age as her was coming their way with great speed.

Trunks also heard his name. Trunks turned back and noticed the one who is calling his name was Gohan. Shocked and surprised, Trunks froze in air. "Gohan…?" Trunks whispered. The boy who was flying toward him resembled Gohan, but in his earlier age. If his mother brought him to twenty years dimensionally in the past, Gohan should be at least in his late twenty. Trunks reasoned. But no doubt, this teenage boy who now stood in front of him is indeed Gohan.

"What is the meaning of this, Trunks? I thought you going to…Nani?" Goten muted as he caught sight of the little boy in Trunks' arm, the changes in his best friend's hair and his clothes. Standing only a foot or so away from him, Goten also noticed theirs size different. Trunks seemed taller and bigger somehow. Has he gone into puberty in just one night? Goten thought as he continued to stare. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Goten bursts into laughter. In mid air, Goten's back landed on an imaginary floor with his body curled up from the effort of laughing. Glimpsing at Trunks' new look only prolonged his laughter.

Trunks stood dumbfoundly in front of the young boy who is unmistakably laughing at him. But what is about him that's so funny. Trunks wondered. When the boy's laughter finally subdued, Trunks tried to open his mouth and asked him a question, but before he had a chance, the boy blurted out.

"What have you done to yourself?! Look at you! Are you planning to go to school looking like this?" Goten mocked with a high pitched tone. "Now tell me where you get that silly wig and when did you start babysitting?"

Torie stood behind Trunks, growling at the rudeness this kid displayed toward her father. Who does he think he is?

Although the growled was soft, Goten caught a glimpse of it escaping from Torie's mouth. He looked up and saw a kid around his age standing with her arms crossed and a frown on her face. That expression…where have I seen it before? Goten wondered.

"So I see, you found a girlfriend. No wonder you're trying to get away from me." Goten chuckled.

Trunks was speechless for a second, his mind ran wild thinking of the possibilities of error his mother made. The behavior that was shown on this boy had already convinced him enough that he is not Gohan. From both timeline, he remembered Gohan as a quiet and conservative boy. He hardly talks unless spoken to.

"Earth to Trunks!" Goten screamed.

"Gomen nasai. I think you have mistaken me for someone else." Trunks explained. At this moment, Miko stirred slightly. His eyes slit open and shut from the bright light. His small light blue eyes wandered fearfully around.

"Papa?" Miko looked at his father, searching an answer for his whereabouts.

"Shh-hh." Trunks placed his fingers on his mouth, gesturing Miko to stay quiet.

Goten stared unbelievably at Trunks and the kid he was holding. The guy who looked almost identical to Trunks claimed that he wasn't Trunks and the kid called him father. Goten scratched his head confusingly. What's going on?

Trunks caught the confusion on the young boy's face. Although he is not Gohan, they must be somehow connected or how else could he know his outer counterpart.

"I'm Trunks." Trunks self introduced. "But not the Trunks you know. I'm from the future." Trunks observed the expression on the boy's face, hoping his word does not sound too absurd.

"Trunks from the fut-t-ture?" Goten stuttered. His eyes and mouth widened in shock and disbelief. He heard his brother about Trunks' other self who came from the future and warned them about the danger. Could he really be?

Torie growled once more at the boy's ignorant. "Which word didn't you understand?" She spoke softly to herself.

Visibly, Trunks concluded that this boy had heard of him before. "Are you related to Gohan? You both have a striking resemblance." Trunks dared to ask.

Goten closed his mouth, slightly embarrassed. "Umm…he's my brother. Are you really Trunks from the future?" Goten asked excitingly.

Trunks smiled assuredly at Gohan's brother. "So now Gohan has a brother? How interesting." In his own timeline, the only brother Gohan have was him.

Torie impatiently waited as her father and that ignorant kid carried on the conversation. She snorted. The more she looked at that kid, the more she dislikes him. His face might looks innocent to most people, but to her is pure stupidity. She growled again as her time was slowly wasted when she could be seeing her grandfather by now. "Otousan, shouldn't we be going?" She asked agitatedly.

Trunks nodded. "It is getting late."

"Late?! Oh no!" Goten checked his watch. "Trunks is going to kill me!" Goten glanced at the Trunks in front of him embarrassingly. "Hehe…I mean the other Trunks."

Trunks chuckled amusingly. Now that there are two Trunks in one place, it will get a little confusing. "Maybe you can lead the way to Capsule Corps." Trunks suggested.

"Right. Follow me." Goten started out, passing Torie on the way. He gave her a friendly smile, only to be returned with a snort. No wonder her expressions looked familiar, she's Uncle Vegeta's granddaughter.

"Papa? Where are we going?" Miko asked.

"To see your grandfather." Trunks replied.

Goten flew silently the whole way to Capsule Corps. Once in a while, he would find himself peeking back at his new visitors. The story told by his brother was all real. When Trunks and him was young, the idea of Trunks having a counterpart from the future seemed too crazy. They both would laughed at it as if it was a joke. Now that the future Trunks made an appearance, Goten could feel his excitement growing. Surely, he couldn't be just visiting. There must be something. Goten thought. Anyhow, he couldn't wait until Trunks see himself in fifteen years.


Trunks was also lost in thoughts as he was being led by Goten, Gohan's younger brother. Somehow the name sound familiar, although he forgot where he heard it before. His blue eyes followed the young teenage boy. From the conversation, Trunks learned that Goten and Trunks had been best friend ever since birth. This discovery left Trunks feeling emptier. If things could have been different, he too could grow up with a companion.

Trunks glazed pass Goten, toward his destination where a new and different world awaits him. He was already surprised by the existence of Gokou's second son. What about his own father, had he changed?


High above the sky, in the mist of the cloud, Torie explored the city with her keen green eyes. From her location, the people and building looked like tiny specs. She lowered her altitude so she could get a better look into the city. Suddenly she heard a scream from behind. "Don't go that low!"

Torie's head jotted back furiously. Beside his appearance and personality, she also despised his voice. How dare he raised his voice at me. "What do you want?" She snapped.

Goten grabbed her by the arm and yanked her back with a little too much force, preventing her to continued any further. "You're not supposed to let the people see you flying and floating around in the sky. It will spooks them."

Torie's eyes slit dangerously thin, glaring at the hand that was still around her arms.

Goten sensed the rising ki flowing out from the girl's body, he knew he did something wrong. "Gomen. Gomen." He apologized repeatedly, letting go of her arms. "I didn't mean to be so rough."

Torie dusted off the spot where his hand had been. "Next time you lay a hand on me, you will see your hand missing from your body." She threatened.

Goten gulped. Sheesh! No one will believed if I say she's not related to Uncle Vegeta. "Believe me, I won't touch you again, even if I have nine lives."

Torie glowered at Goten. "What is that suppose to mean?" She hissed.


"Is Torie giving you trouble?" Trunks appeared from behind. Miko who is now fully awakened stood curiously between Trunks' leg.

Goten quickly shook his head. "Nope. We are almost there, I have to hurry." Goten hurried off, still feeling the presence of Torie's stare penetrating deep beneath his skins.

Trunks, Torie and Miko stood behind Goten in front of Capsule Corps. With only one ring, the door flew wide open. A young boy with the same lavender hair as Trunks appeared. "Baka! Why are you always late?!"

"Hush! Trunks. See who I brought." Goten stepped aside, exposing Trunks and his family.

T.Trunks' voice was caught in his throat, his mouth hanged widely open. He hypnotically stared at the man who looked almost identical to him. "Who…" T.Trunks stuttered, pointing at Trunks.

Goten whispered something in T.Trunks' ear, causing his face to pale.

Trunks saddened while he watched his younger self, surveying him from head to toe. His counterpart wore his hair exactly like he did before, cut short above his ear and slightly shaved in the back. Their eyes shaded with the same light blue, yet behind those same color eyes unfolded different background and upraising. The fortunate one, of course was the one who stood before him. His eyes wasn't tainted with bloodshed, even til this day, he still witnessed. It wasn't filled with sorrow, presented to him before he was born and loneliness, a miserable gift given to him by the heartless cyborgs. Trunks' thought was interrupted when he heard shattered dishes behind the lavender-hair youth.

"Trunks!" Bulma gasped.

Everyone turned their attention to the middle-age woman who was trembling violently behind the open door. Her eyes glistened with unconcealed wetness.

"Grandma!" Miko ran toward the woman whom he known his whole life.

Bulma was shocked when a little boy jumped from Trunks' arm and ran toward her. Did he just call me grandma? She questioned Trunks silently with her eyes and he responded with a smile. Reflexively, Bulma picked him up, still shaken by the unexpected visit from her future son.

"You kids. Get out the way so Trunks can come in." Bulma demanded. She hushed them into the room and seated Trunks on the soft cushion.

Torie nervously stood beside where her father was seated. She was prepared to see her father's younger self and her grandmother, but being here in reality and actually saw doubled of her father was a little bit too much for her to take in. Even though she could doubtlessly tell her father and the other him apart.

Goten and T.Trunks whispered among each other, chuckling amusingly in their secretive conversation.

Bulma towered over the two boys, tapping her shoes. "Don't you guys need to be somewhere else, like school?"

"Uhh…Mom…? Can we stay home today? We have visitors." Trunks whined.

Bulma shook her head sternly. "If you don't hurry up and leave right now, I'll tell your father to deliver you to school. Do you want that?"

Goten and Trunks gulped. The idea of Vegeta sending them to school was not a very pretty sight. "Bye Mom. Bye ehh…Trunks and the rest." T.Trunks and Goten felt uneasy calling other people by the same name. They grabbed their backpack and slowly left the house.

"How come there is two papa?" Miko asked innocently.

Bulma chuckled. "Papa?" She peeked at Trunks, finally understand why the little boy in her arm referred her as his grandmother. "When did you become a father?"

Trunks reddened. "Two years after I returned to the future. Hope you don't mind I made you a grandmother of two kids." Trunks joked. "My other mother seemed to mind."

Bulma laughed. "And I wonder why? So, what's the name of my grandchildren?" She poked at Miko's tummy playfully. Miko giggled in response.

"Tell grandma what's your name." Trunks told Miko.

"But Grandma know my name." Miko said, confused.

Trunks sighed. "He thinks you're his grandmother from the future."

Bulma nodded understandably and grinned. "I'll always look young and beautiful. It's no wonder he can't tell me and my older self apart."

Trunks smiled. "He's Miko, four years old this year, and Torie, twelve years old." He introduced.

"Oh my! You have a daughter this old and beautiful?" Bulma praised. She walked over to Torie and took a closer look. "She looked a lot like Vegeta. If she dyed her hair black, I'll think Vegeta has a twin." Bulma laughed at her own jokes.

Torie shifted uncomfortably.

"She acts a lot like otousan, too." Trunks added. His mother hadn't changed ever since the last time he seen her. Her loud-mouthed and thoughtless word, which offended a lot of people, was still in her, not to mention the over-confident attitude about her looks. But those were the qualities his father found in her.

"Speaking of your father, I know you want to see him. He's in the back yard sparring with Gokou." Bulma sighed loudly. "I spent over millions just renovating the back yard."

"Okaasan, you're lucky you didn't go bankrupt yet." Trunks joked, something he hadn't done continuously for a long while.

"True, if I did, I will forced Vegeta to get a job." Bulma replied.

"Otousan? Working? Nah…" Trunks laughed.

Torie glanced at her father interestingly. She hadn't seen him laugh ever since that day her mother died. He must have loved this place a lot. She, on the other hand, only wanted to come here and see her grandfather and maybe the other warriors her father had spoken of, as for the rest, she cared less, especially the boy called Goten.

"Want to see your grandpa, Miko?"

Miko nodded, still not sure what was going on. He was awake in an unknown place, saw two fathers, and his grandmother forgot his name. And now he suddenly has a grandfather. Miko wrapped his arm around Bulma's neck, thinking she was still his grandmother from the future.

Bulma stopped in front of a glass door, decorated with a light blue flower curtains. Bulma pulled the curtains apart. Right away, through the glass, Trunks and Torie could see Vegeta and Gokou busily absorbed in their intensive sparring. Bulma frowned when she saw her fence and plants totally demolished. "Baka!" She swore, sliding the door open.

"Vegeta! Gokou! Get down here right now!" Bulma ordered.

Vegeta continued attacking Gokou with his fury of punches and ignored his wife's demand. Gokou blocked with two hands crossed, protecting his face from injuries. "I think Bulma is calling us."

"Baka! You haven't spar with me for nearly three months, and you want to get away so easily. Tough luck." Vegeta snarled. With a hard blow, Vegeta shot Gokou on the lawn.

Gokou looked at Bulma sheepishly. "Ehh…I want to stop, but you know Vegeta, he might burned down your house if I don't fight with him." With a crooked smile, Gokou returned to Vegeta.

"Vegeta! This is your last warning!" Bulma screamed with fire in her voice. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"I want to see them fight." Trunks said softly, his eyes concentrating on the fight. Unmistakably, his father and Gokou's fighting power had increased to an unimaginable point. Even though he had surpassed Super Saiyajin 1 and reached Super Saiyajin 2, his power was probably only one percent of theirs.

Torie was also absorbed in their fighting and her grandfather. She was not disappointed in what she is seeing. He was everything she imagined and more. So in control and demanding, his power only added to her idolization.

"I'll be in the living room when you're finished. There someone you might want to meet. Me and Miko is going to see her now." Bulma smiled mysteriously. "As for those bastard, they could kill themselves for all I care." She snorted and retreated into the house.

Trunks and Torie stood side by side lost in the fight. Vegeta and Gokou were too preoccupied with their fight to notice Trunks' existence.

"You have improved, Kakkarott. I'm glad." Vegeta smirked, wiping a trickle of blood on his lips.

"So have you, which didn't surprised me." Gokou smiled excitingly. "I'm glad you're still around to give me a good workout."

"Shut up and fight." Vegeta returned to his offensive stance, Gokou took the defensive.

They continued for another half an hour until they became exhausted and unable to move. Both lay on the grass, panting and heaving heavily with a satisfied smile on their face.

Trunks took this opportunity to show himself. "Otousan." He called out softly.

Gokou opened one eye. "Oi. Trunks. Aren't you suppose to be in school with Goten?"

Vegeta sat up. "Baka! Can't you tell the difference between my brat and the future brat?"


Trunks grinned. His father was always the smarter one. "Hai. I returned from the future, Gokou-san."

Gokou quickly jumped to his feet. Vegeta got up after him. His arms reflexively crossed and his chin pointed to the sky. He snorted.

"It's been so long, Trunks. How you been?" Gokou greeted, patting Trunks' back. "Came back for a visit?"

Trunks silenced. He wanted to wait until later to explain his reason for coming.

"What are you doing here, brat? Haven't caused enough trouble?" Vegeta said, his eyes observing. Trunks was slightly hurt from the remark, but he knew his father didn't mean it. "I'll explain later."

Vegeta's left brow rose in interest. Something in the brat voice told him that this visit wasn't any normal one. Maybe he's the one who can break the barrier of boredom he's living in now.

"Who's she?" Gokou asked, smiling at Torie.

"She's my daughter." Trunks responded. "Torie, this is Gokou-san and that is your grandfather."

"Hmph! You go around tainted and lessened my royal blood with more humans?" Vegeta grumbled, but rose his other brow as he caught the red-head girl's standing position. Much like himself, she stood with her arm crossed.

"You're only royal in your own sick mind." Bulma stepped out the glass door, interrupting their conversation. "You should be glad your son even paid you a visit after how you treated him."

Trunks and Torie was speechless. They stood silently in the background while Bulma and Vegeta continued to argue.

"Don't worry about them. They do that every minute of the day." Gokou whispered amusingly.

"Be quiet, woman! No one tells you to speak." Vegeta snapped.

"Why you?!" Bulma held out her fist and advanced toward Vegeta. Gokou, Trunks, and Torie could feel her ki rising to an unstable level. In attempt to save a crossfire situation, Trunks blocked Bulma's way. "Okaasan, don't let tousan get to you." Bulma took a deep breath and controlled herself. She gave Vegeta one last glare, "You lucky Trunks is here, or else I have you for dinner."


Bulma ignored Vegeta. "So Trunks, now that you seen your ungrateful father, maybe you want to meet someone else."

Trunks shrugged. He peeked at his father, still the arrogant and self-centered guy he knew. Maybe that will never changed. What did I expect? A friendly and warm welcome from tousan?

"Who's this person you want me to meet so bad, kaasan?"

"You'll find out." Bulma winked and stepped back into the house.

Trunks followed and wondered when should be the best time to tell them the truth. He glimpsed at Torie and found her watching her grandfather. But Trunks detected a small but visible smile at the edge of her lips. Even when his father had disregarded and paid no attention to her existence, Trunks could tell she still had a strong admiration for him.

"What you looking at brat? If you're thinking about calling me your grandfather, you can forget about it. As far as I know, I don't have any grandchildren." Vegeta warned. He looked at the little girl and see how she'll react. To his surprise, she didn't seem to mind his rudeness. Instead she grinned.

"And as far as I know, I don't have a grandfather." She countered. She turned back and caught up with her father. She smiled to herself. Her grandfather must be fuming right now. She mused. He must of thought that she will be insulted with his words, but she knows words mean nothing.

"Wheww…you gotta admit, she's your granddaughter alright. She got your attitude." Gokou laughed.

Vegeta glared at Gokou and growled, but secretively smiling inside. Would have been better if she's a boy.

Chapter 9---The Truth Unveil---Trunks finally unveil to his family the purpose of his visit. How will they react? Read to find out.

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