Chapter 5
The Revenge

It had been three days since her father left the house, he hasn't came back since. Torie sat by the window everyday waiting for his return. Ever since that day, everything in the house had changed. Her grandmother spent every minutes of the day in the laboratory, coming out only when she has to make dinner. They still didn't tell Miko about Cira's death, so to him nothing was wrong. Sure, he wondered where his parents were, but a little explanation stating that his parents were on vacation killed his curiosity. He went through the days playing by himself.

"Torie!" Miko screamed, his high pitched voice filled the room.

Torie ignored Miko and kept on staring out the window.

When Miko continued to be ignored, he got mad. He lifted his small chubby palm and formed a fireball, aiming it at Torie. "Torie!" He screamed again. Torie still ignored her brother. Miko let go of the fireball, resulting a clear hit on Torie's arm.

Torie turned back angrily. She gave Miko a cold icy stare. "What the hell you think you're doing?!" Torie bursted out.

Miko smiled and stuck his tongue out at Torie.

"!!" Torie got up and started walking to Miko. She held her fist in front of her.

Miko thought it was funny. He taunted Torie some more. He pulled down his pants and stuck out his behind, flashing Torie.

This infuriated Torie more. She chased after Miko, but Miko avoided her grasp by squirming away. Miko giggled every time his sister missed him.

"Come here, brat!" Torie screamed.

In a matter of minutes, Torie and Miko were exchanging fireballs. Every time they blocked, the walls, tables, vases, and etc…were wrecked.

Bulma walked into the living room yawning. She was holding a cup of coffee. Her eyes widened as she saw a bright light coming toward her. She dropped the coffee and quickly ducked. Her hands were covering her head. "What's going on?"

Miko realized what he did and tried to crawl silently out the room. Torie stood still clenching her fist.

Bulma peeped up and tested if the coast was clear. When she was certain that she was in no more danger, she stood up. She saw Miko tried to sneak by her. She quickly picked Miko up by his waistband. Miko beamed widely at Bulma. "Obaasan."

Bulma took a good look at the room and frowned. She then looked at Torie. "Torie." She said softly, shaking her head disappointedly. "You should know better." Was all Bulma said.

Torie stared at the floor, ashamed of herself. She shouldn't let her anger take control of her. This is not the time to do stupid things like that. "I'm sorry." Torie apologized.

Miko squirmed around, trying to loosened Bulma's grip on him. Bulma's attention fell back on Miko. "Miko, what were you doing." She asked softly.

Miko explained how Torie ignored him. Bulma shook her head. "Miko, your parents are not here to look after you now, so you should grow up and learned to take care of yourself."

Miko nodded. "I'm sorry, obaasan. I'll never do it again." Miko smiled sweetly at Bulma. Bulma let Miko down. She tousled Miko's hair and smiled weakly. She has no more energy to screamed or yelled at the kids.

"Torie, clean up this mess. I'll go make dinner." Bulma said, and then looked down at Miko. "Go help your sister, Miko."

"Hai." Miko said.

Torie nodded in response. Her eyes followed Bulma as Bulma lazily dragged herself into the kitchen. She wondered why does her grandmother always lock herself in the laboratory. What was she up to? What could be so secretive that no one is allowed to go into that room? She took a peek at the door and sighed. She hoped her father would be home soon.

"Torie! Hurry up! We have to clean up!" Miko exclaimed. He has a couple of broken woods that came from the table in his arm. He clumsily stumbled to the trashcan and threw the woods inside. He patted the dusts off his hand and beamed with satisfaction.

"Be quiet!" Torie said, agitatedly.

Trunks passed an alleyway full of people. Everyone was on his or her knees begging, screaming and crying for his help. Their hands reached out when he walked near them, grabbing his leg. Trunks closed his eyes and shut out all the pleads. He tried to ignore the cries of agony. Suddenly a young girl ran up to him. "Help me!"

Trunks looked up and saw Cell walking toward him and the little girl. The little girl hid behind him, shaking from fear. Trunks spread his arm, protecting the young girl. Cell walked closer and closer to him. "You are not going anywhere." Cell told the girl.

"I'm not letting you harm any more innocent people." Trunks said. Cell ignored him and kept on walking. When they came face to face, Cell just stared through him. Cell grinned evilly at the girl. Trunks was confused. Didn't he see me?

Cell's hand reached out and grabbed the little girl by the hair and pulled her toward him. Trunks reacted by swinging a punch at Cell's face, but his fist went through him. "Nani?" Trunks said confusingly. He threw another punch, the same thing happened again. He stood shockingly and watched Cell killed the little girl. "NO!!!!!!!" He screamed.




Trunks jumped up from his sleep. His hair was all wet from his sweats. He panted heavily and then realized he was only having a nightmare. He calmed down and sat back down on the grass. The nightmare disturbed him greatly. He could still remember everything clearly. The torturous screams, the fearful looks on all the people, and the little girl. He couldn't do anything except watched the girl dies in front him, just like how the whole world is getting killed by Cell, and all he could do was sit here and wait. Trunks closed his eyes and massaged his temple. The nightmare seemed so real.

Trunks glazed pass the spot where he fell asleep on. He couldn't believe he fell asleep at a time like this. Cell could of shown up and killed him on the spot. But then again, Cell wouldn't let him off this easily. Trunks leaned back against the tree. He held his sword tightly against his chest. It was strange that Cell didn't showed yet. It had already been three days. What's taking him so long. Trunks thought.

Cell loved the sound of silence, especially after he finished his meal. He stood in the middle of the town, smiling to himself. He looked in the sky. "It's time." Cell spoke out loud. No one was around to hear him for he killed everyone. He chuckled at his thought.

Cell closed his eyes and concentrated on Trunks' ki. It was really closed to him. Cell raised his ki a little just to warn Trunks that he's coming. Cell levitated off the ground and flew toward Trunks' direction.

Trunks was alarmed at the sudden strong ki coming toward him. "Cell." He said under his breath. "It's about time." He lifted himself off the ground and waited patiently for Cell to show up. In about five minutes, Cell was standing confidently in front of him.

"So you finally decided to come." Trunks said as he strapped the sword around his back.

"I know you waited patiently for me, but I will not make the same mistake as last time. This time I make sure I'm strong enough to kill." Cell said. He pointed his finger at Trunks. "Now I will definitely make you suffer."

"Many innocent life was lost because you wanted revenge, including my wife." Trunks said softly, not caring if Cell heard him or not. "This time it is I who seek revenge. If I don't kill you today, there will be no more peace." Trunks stared straight at Cell with a icy glare.

From Trunks' word, he suddenly remembered the girl he killed a few days ago. The red headed girl who sworn her husband will avenge her death. Was she his wife? Cell asked himself. All of the sudden, Cell laughed hysterically.

"What's so funny?" Trunks demanded.

"You just remind me of a girl I killed a few days ago. She was red headed, slim, about your age. She was quite a young lady. It makes me feel bad just killing her." Cell mocked.

Trunks could feel his anger rose from his chest to his face. "You bastard!" Trunks drew his sword and held it before him. "I'm going to kill you."

Cell ignored Trunks' preparation and continued talking. "Was she your wife? I wouldn't have kill her if I knew." Cell laughed some more. "I must say, she was a beautiful young lady."

"Shut up!" Trunks screamed. "You're going to pay dearly for this."

Cell lifted one eye, "Will I? You should know how strong I've become. Do you think you will stand a chance against me right now?"

"I will kill you even if I have to die with you." Trunks said, crouching in a fighting position.

"If you insist." Cell said, also crouching.

Torie felt two kis gradually rising from afar. She knew it was time for the battle between her father and Cell. She wanted so badly to be by her father side at this moment. But she knew she would be in the way if she was there. All she could do now is pray that her father can killed the bastard and come home safely. "Otousan…be careful." She whispered.

Trunks ran up to Cell and swung his sword at him. Cell raised one arm and blocked the strike. He counteracted with a punch in Trunks' stomach. Trunks dodged the punch in time. Trunks began to gain the upper hand, forcing Cell back with every swing. Cell just kept on blocking. Trunks knew that Cell is toying with him. "I want us to fight all out." Trunks said, pausing his attack.

"I only need to use half of my power to easily kill you, but I want to play with you for a while. You don't deserve an easy death. I'm going to make you suffer." Cell said confidently.

"You think it's easy to defeat a saiyajin?" Trunks snorted. "You should know you not only lose to me once, but twice." Trunks mocked. He threw his sword away, and removed his strap. The sword was useless against Cell. Trunks examined Cell a bit. It was true that Cell had grown incredibly strong since three days ago. But if he could get Cell overconfident long enough, he might have a chance to kill him before Cell uses his real power.

Cell grew furious at Trunks' remark. "How dare you…" Cell hissed. His eyes slit closer. He glared at Trunks and then shot out a red beam from his eyes.

Trunks saw the beam coming toward him. He moved the left just in time to avoid it. It was the same attack that killed him in the past. When Trunks tilted his head back at Cell, another beam was coming at him. Trunks was concentrating hard on not getting hit by the deadly beam.

Cell laughed, enjoying the sight of Trunks dancing.

Trunks was desperately thinking of a way out of this mess. In the corner of his eyes, he saw his sword lying on the ground. If only he could grabbed the sword. Trunks saw the opportunity when Cell let down his guard by laughing at him. Trunks jumped toward the sword and retrieved it quickly. He held his sword in front of him blocking Cell's next beam. As the beam hits the blade, it reflected back to Cell.

Cell frowned at the outcome, then a grin slowly appeared on his lips. "You are pretty smart." Cell complimented lightly. "Let's see how you manage to get out of this one." After Cell finished speaking, he disappeared and reappeared behind Trunks. He wrapped his arm around Trunks' body squeezing it tightly.

"Kuso!" Trunks swore. He widgets around, trying to free himself from Cell's grasp, but his effort proven useless. He could feel Cell's arm closing tighter and tighter around his chest, causing him to choke.

"How you going to get out of this one, Trunks." Cell asked as he continued to squeeze, intending to break every rib in Trunks' body.

"This is not over yet." Trunks said.

Cell sensed Trunks' ki rising swiftly. He could see his hair turning from purple into golden. Cell did not anticipated Trunks to turn Super Saiyajin so quick. Without warning, a scream sounded from Trunks. The sudden golden ki blasted Cell away. Cell flew backward into a small grass hill. His entire body was engraved deeply into the hill. Cell didn't moved. He stayed still and grinned.

Trunks lifted both his hands in the air. A bright blue light appeared on his palms. Trunks levitated him an inch off the ground and released the blue light. "FINAL FLASH!!"

Cell saw the lights coming his way, but he has no intention of blocking it. He laid still within the hill and welcomed the blast to hit him.

Trunks, breathing heavily, smiled victoriously at his effort. He seen his fireball blasted Cell right on. Both the fireball and Cell went through the hill and out the other way. A loud explosion echoed at the other side of the land. Trunks levitated himself more into the air and floated to the explosion. He could see nothing but smokes and dusts. When the smoke cleared out, Cell was lying face down on the ground, lifeless. Trunks frowned. "Get up, Cell. I know you're not so easily defeated."

Cell chuckled softly beneath the ground. He got up slowly and faced Trunks. "I see I can't fool you."

Trunks noticed Cell wasn't a bit injured by his attack. Cell stood healthy before him, wearing that annoying grin on his face. He wished he could smack him around so he can't grin anymore. Trunks thought bitterly. Trunks crouched down. "I think we should fight for real this time."

"Likewise." Cell agreed. "No more holding back." Cell and Trunks flew toward each other and started to exchange a fury of blows.

By using her ki and sensing the fight, Torie was able to make out a little of the battle. Although she still has no idea who has the upper hand.

Torie bit her lips when her father's ki was a little lower than Cell, but all of the sudden, her father ki rose quickly. "Yeah!" She said softly, jumping off the floor in excitement.

Miko watched his sister from the other side of the living room. He stopped playing his building blocks and wondered what is his sister doing. The expression on her face changed so much. Miko got up and walked over to his sister. He tugged on her shirt. "Torie? What are you doing?" He asked curiously.

"Get away!" Torie demanded. Miko kept on tugging on her shirt, which annoys her a big deal. "I tell you to get lost!" Torie warned. When Miko still refused to let go, she kicked him off her. Without realizing she used too much forced, Miko was sent flying across the room. A big thump was heard as Miko's head hit hard on the edge of the coffee table. "Damn!" Torie hurried beside Miko and picked him up. Bloods were rolling down Miko's head rapidly. "Why did you bug me?" Torie asked while she wiped off the blood with a cloth.

When Miko saw the blood on the cloth, he started to cry really loud from the pain. "Sh-hh!!" Torie tried to quiet Miko down before Bulma hears it. She knew she's in big trouble.

Bulma rushed out and whimpered in shock. "Miko! What happened?" Bulma blurted out. She saw Miko's hair rendered in with blood. Where did the bloods come from? Bulma gave Torie a look. "Did you do that to Miko?" Bulma asked strictly.

Torie nodded in shame. No matter how much she hated her brother, she would never hurt him. "Gomen. I didn't mean to, it was an accident." Torie tried to explain.

Bulma took the cloth from Torie's hand and applied it on Miko's wound. "I thought you were old enough to think, that's why I left Miko in your care." Bulma lectured while calming Miko down.

"Gomen, obaasan." Torie apologized again.

"Stay here, I need to talk to you later after I'm finished taking care of Miko." Bulma said, carrying Miko out the room.

Bulma came back about half an hour later, "Miko is finally asleep." Bulma looked at Torie disappointedly. "Why didn't you look after your brother like your suppose to? This is not the time to have these immature little argument. Your father is still not home yet, I don't even know if he's still alive." Bulma said sadly. "I don't need this right now. I thought I could trust you, Torie."

Torie lowered her head, "Otousan still alive. He's fighting Cell at this moment."

Bulma's eyes lit up. "Nani?! Where is he? Is he hurt? What happened?" A flood of question flowed out of Bulma's lips.

Torie shook her head. "I don't know. I could only feel their ki."

Bulma began to worry about Trunks' safety. "Bring me to him." Bulma pleaded.

Torie shook her head again. "Otousan wouldn't want us to be there. We just be in his way."

Bulma sighed. She knew what Torie said was true. But Trunks was her only son. She doesn't want anything to happen to him. Bulma then nodded in agreement. She looked back at the laboratory. She couldn't go anywhere, at least not at this moment. She has to finish her research before Cell wiped out the whole world. "I'm going to trust you one more time. This time make sure you look after your brother and not fight with him. Understand?"

"Hai." Torie said, feeling guilty for hurting Miko.

Bulma walked out the living room with her head drooped down. "Remember to tell me if you know what happens to Trunks." Bulma said, her voice trailed as she walked further and further away.

Torie turned her attention back to the window. Soon the sun will set again, and the fight between her father and Cell still not over.

Trunks wiped off the sweat on his forehead. He could feel slowly slipping away, whereas Cell's still in perfect condition. Being careless, Trunks got elbowed in his back, shooting him straight into the water. Trunks held his breath and at the same time, he avoided Cell's launch of fireball. Trunks couldn't hold his breath much longer. He stuck his head out the water. Before he could breath some air, another fireball was shooting straight for his head. Trunks ducked back down into the water. If this keeps up, Trunks would die from lack of oxygen.

Cell knew about this fact. He enjoyed playing around with his toy before he destroys it.

Trunks' face began to turn blue. The lack of air prevented him from thinking straight.

Cell smirked. "I've played around enough. Time to finished off what I've started." Cell clashed his palm together beside him. "Kame…"

Beneath the water, Trunks sensed Cell's ki rising dangerously high. "Hame…" Trunks then realized Cell planned to use his full power Kame-Hame-Ha on him. Trunks used this opportunity and quickly dashed out the water. When he surfaced to the air, Trunks started to choke out water. He pounded himself a couple of time in the chest and coughed, forgetting Cell's upcoming surprise.

"Ha!!!" Cell discharged his Kame-hame-ha upon Trunks. Trunks without time to dodge the attack, he quickly shielded his face with two hands. The heat of the fireball penetrated through his jacket, seeping into his skins. Trunks, still weak from the earlier counter, tried his best to hold off the fireball. He powered up into Super Saiyajin 2, but the power of SSJ2 was still no match compared to Cell's Kame-hame-ha. Trunks felt that he was being pushed back further and further, closing into the water.

Cell could see that Trunks can no longer withstand his attack, therefore he increased his ki, channeling more powers into the kamehameha.

Bulma stopped typing instantly when her heart sudden beats faster and faster. This was the same feeling she had when Vegeta went to battle the androids. She soothed her pounding heart with her hand. She knew Trunks is in some kind of trouble at this moment. She pushed her chair backward and turned off her computer. She needed a talk with Torie, maybe she'll know what's going on.

Bulma entered the living room quietly. Torie was still standing by the window, but her expression was different from before. She looked tensed and worried. A fist was clenched tightly together beside her.

"Torie, is something terrible happening to Trunks?" Bulma asked.

Torie spun around. The expression that was visible before was soon camouflaged by a weak smile. "Nothing is wrong, obaasan. Otousan is fighting well against Cell." She lied.

"Even though I can't sense people's ki like you could, I still have a feeling something is wrong. So you don't need to hide from me." Bulma said. She walked beside Torie and stared out the window. "I expected as much when Trunks came into my room a couple days ago. He made it sound like he'll never returned." Bulma said sadly.

Torie blew up. "Obaasan! You sound like you are giving up hope on otousan. You sound like he's walking to his own death." She accused. "Otousan is the strongest fighter in the universe! I've seen it with my own eyes! We have to believe in him." Torie blurted out. But the words did not sound as confident as she intended it to be. When Bulma said nothing, Torie fumed. "I'm not going to be the one to stand here and wait for miracles to happen. I'm going to help otousan." Torie screamed out of frustration. She understood that her grandmother is not feeling any better than she does, but to stand here and wait was not her style.

Bulma spoke up. "You said so yourself that we'll be in Trunks way if we go there."

"But otousan might be in serious danger. I won't stand here and wait for situation to get any worse." Torie said. Her mind already made up. "Gomen, obaasan." She hurried out the door and flew into the night.

Bulma watched silently, as Torie's shadows became smaller and smaller. The only thing she could do right now is hope for the best.

Trunks felt damp on his back. If he gets pushed back any further, the ocean floor along with him will explode, but Trunks' body started to numb and he couldn't counteract. If this keeps up, he'll be drained of all his energy.

"How do you feel now?" Cell laughed. "You're going to see your wife pretty soon"

At the mention of Cira, Trunks felt a new surge of energy rushed through him. I'm here to avenge Cira, I can't give up so easily. Trunks powered up to the max with his newfound energy. He pushed the fireball way from himself. With a scream, the kamehameha flew back at Cell.

Cell stood dumbfounded as his own attack was backfired. He looked unbelievably at Trunks. He used at least half his power in that attack, which was more than enough to easily sent Trunks to his death. He growled.

Trunks stood angrily above the water. His already ripped clothes hanged messily beside his legs. His greenish-blue eyes were now as cold as the water beneath him. "DiE!" Trunks roared, dashing straight at Cell with lightning speed.

Cell crouched and blocked Trunks' punches and kicks, but Trunks managed to inflict him with a few deadly hits. Cell winced in pain as the punches landed on his torso and midriff.

Trunks attacked without thinking, for his thoughts were clouded with rage.

Cell tolerated a couple more punches from Trunks, but then decided to throw in a few surprises.

Cell grabbed Trunks' arm that was flying toward his face and chopped it.

Trunks cried in pain as his left arm hung limply beside him. "Kuso!" He tried to move it but realized his arm was broken.

Cell laughed evilly, "How you plan to defeat me with one arm?" Cell mocked.

From the endless hours of fighting and his injured arm, Trunks' energy had decreased tremendously. But he didn't want to give Cell the satisfaction of seeing him like this. Trunks disregard the sharp pain and forced a smile. "You don't have to worry about me." He said slyly.

Cell mischievously smiled. He dashed up to Trunks and sidekick into Trunks' injured arm. As Trunks was doubled over with pain, Cell elbowed Trunks' back which caused Trunks' the dropped downward into the earth.

"Ahh-hh!!" Trunks' voice echoed as he was falling down swiftly. Trunks landed hard on the ground with his face down into the earth. His injured arm was spread dementedly.

Cell landed beside him. With a light kick, Trunks was now faced up.

Trunks' panted heavily on the ground, his golden now turned back to normal and the aura which surrounded him disappear. His body was paralyzed from the fall. Trunks closed his eyes and growled.

Cell looked into Trunks' pitiful face and turned to disgust. "I thought you are going to give me a fight of my life, but now look at you. You can't even get up and fight me. You wasted my precious time leveling up for nothing." Cell spitted.

Trunks felt anger flushed through him once again, but he couldn't react on it. The only thing he could do was laid there helplessly.

Cell lifted his foot and pressured it against Trunks' arm. Trunks refused to scream and give Cell's the ultimate satisfaction, but the pain was too intense. At last he finally cried out in agony.

Cell's laughed as he stepped on Trunks' arm harder. Suddenly a bright shimmering light reflected on his eyes. Cell noticed it was the moon reflecting off Trunks' sword. An idea suddenly popped in his head. To die by your own sword is the worst way to die. Cell thought, leaving Trunks by himself and make his way to the sword.

Trunks lifted his head off the ground and sneaked a peek at Cell and see what he's up to. Although his visions were blurred, he could still make out Cell's form. On his hand was his sword. Trunks soon realized what Cell wanted to do. Cell wanted to kill him with his own sword. Trunks cursed and forced himself to get up.

Cell examined the sword, gliding two fingers along the sword. "Nice sword. But too bad it's useless against me." Cell chuckled. He turned back to Trunks and found out Trunks wanted to move. "Where do you think you're going?"

Trunks let out a weak growled. "The last thing I'll do is let you kill me with my own sword."

"Oh? And how are you planning to stop me?" Cell asked. He walked up to Trunks and sliced toward Trunks. Trunks luckily dodged it, but a few strands of his hair were cut off. Trunks once again felt his body weakened on him. He dropped to the ground on one knee, out of breath. Cell smiled and took another swing at him. This time Trunks didn't get lucky. The sharp blade of the sword sliced his right arm. Bloods sprayed through his opened wound. Trunks cursed loudly.

Cell licked the blood off the blade and smiled enjoyably. Trunks looked disgusted but couldn't find the energy to say anything. He could only closed his eyes, waiting for the end.

Cell held the sword with two hands and plunged the sword into Trunks' abdomen. He laughed viciously as Trunks screamed.

Trunks felt sharpness of his own blade slowly went deeply into him. He couldn't help it but cried out. He felt sickened by his own voice. Here he was completely defeated and humiliated by the person he sworn to kill. And now he was giving him the utmost satisfaction of hearing him scream. But the scream didn't last long, for Cell plunged into him deeper. The end of the sword went through his abdomen and out his back. His own voice now growing more distant to him. I'm sorry Cira. With that one last thought in his mind, he fell unconscious.

Cell pulled the sword out and stared happily at Trunks' lifeless body. He gave him a light kick. But Trunks didn't move. Cell laughed hysterically. "Now to make sure you'll stay dead." Cell raised his palm and formed a fireball. Before he had a change to release it, he felt an unexpected kick on his neck. Having caught off guard, Cell was sent flying out of sight.

"Otousan!" Torie cried. She hurried to her unconscious father. She gasped at the sight of her father. He laid there unnaturally still. Bloods were still rapidly running out of his wounds. She nudged at Trunks softly. Trunks let out a soft groan but didn't wake up. Torie looked up at where she sent Cell, and decided that she should get out of here quickly before he comes back. Torie carefully lifted her father by the arms and flew off.

Cell moaned and growled, recovering from his surprise. He laid still on the rock thinking. Who dares sneak attack me?! He slowly stood up and glared evilly back at where Trunks laid. He quickly flew back but Trunks and the surprise visitor was gone. Cell desperately looked at his surrounding, however both of them were nowhere to be seen. Cell screamed loudly out of angers and frustration.

Torie let out a sigh of relief as she peeked at Cell. He didn't seem to know where she is. When Cell was finally gone, she carried her injured father back to her house.

Chapter 6---Bulma's Secret---What happens to Trunks? What was Bulma secretly working on? What will Cell do after Trunks luckily escaped him? Find out next chapter.

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