Chapter 4
The Mourning

Torie paced around the house impatiently. She had been home for nearly six hours and neither her father now mother came home yet. She promised her father she would stay home. As much as she wants to leave the house, she doesn't intend to break her promise. She stopped by the window and once again peeked outside, still no sign of anyone. She growled angrily and paced around some more. Torie finally grew weary of pacing and sat down on the sofa. She cupped her face with two hands and frowned.

Torie thought of this morning when her father caught her near the battle scenes. She would never forget the look on her father's face. He was so furious with her. She couldn't blame him though, but he has no right to strike at her. She thought angrily, as she rubbed the spot where her father smacked her. Suddenly her stomach growled loudly. Torie rubbed her stomach and realized she hasn't eaten since last night. She looked at the clock and noticed it was already five thirty. Her mother was usually home making dinner at this time. Her stomach growled again. "Damn." She got up and dragged herself to the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and found some left over food from yesterday. Weird. She thought. We actually have left over? Torie dismissed that thought and pulled out some roast beef. She didn't feel like eating in the kitchen alone, so she brought the food up to her room. Before she went to her room, she walked over to the window one more time and peeked. When she still saw no one, she went to her room, frustrated.

Trunks continued to track Cell down with no luck. Everytime he got close to Cell, Cell sensed his ki and hide. Trunk looked up in the sky and sigh. The sun had already set. He wasted the whole day playing hide and seek with Cell. Finally Trunks decided to give up the chase. There was no way Trunks could catch Cell. He tried it once, and it was useless. Trunks remembered he told Chi Chi that he'll be back to pick up Miko, his mother and Cira. So Trunks started to head back to Chi Chi's house.

Bulma drove the aircraft with her hands shaking uncontrollably. Her face was streaked with old and new tears. She didn't want to admit what just happened. It's a nightmare. She reassured herself. I'm dreaming and I'll wake up and everything is going to be just fine. When she looked into the rear mirror and seen her wrecked and messed up face, the entire image came back to her. She remembered her own voice calling out to Cira as Cell unmercifully drained her. She remembered the cruel laughter of Cell's vioce. She remembered running away like a coward when Cell noticed her existence. She remembered she barely escaped. Luckily Cell decided it was a waste of time chasing after her. "Cira..." She sobbed, pounding the steering wheel with one hand. The aircraft shifted to one side. She quickly steered the wheel back. What will happen if Trunks find out? He will be devastated. Bulma cursed herself for being such a coward and for splitting up in the first place. If I didn't thought of splitting up, noe of this would happen. If I didn't insisted to investigate, Cira will still be alive. If.. Bulma thought.

Trunks opened the door quietly so that he wouldn't wake Miko up. The lights were all off in the house. Trunks expected at least Torie to be home by now, and he's still wondering where in the world could his mother and Cira be at this time. Surely they can't still out there searching for him. But from what Chi Chi told him, both of them left her house around noon. It's already two hours past sunset. Trunks frowned as he silently closed the door. He adjusted Miko into a more comfortable position and carried him into Miko's room.

Trunks placed Miko on the bed and pulled a blanket over Miko's small body. Trunks smiled as Miko began to suck on his thumb. A strand of Miko's hair fell onto his small chubby face, Trunks softly brushed it aside. The resemblence between Miko and Trunks was definitely visible. The hair and complexion were almost identical to Trunks. The only difference was Miko grew up with the love from both his parents. Trunks made sure Miko would have everything he grew up without. Trunks turned off the light and closed the door behind him.

When Trunks came across Torie's room, he noticed the door was slightly open and the light was on. He pushed the door open a little and peeked inside. He saw Torie sleeping with a plate of eaten food beside her. He could hear her snoring loudly. Trunks quietly walked in the room and picked up the plate. He couldn't keep himself from chuckling at the sight of Torie sleeping. One of her legs was hanging from teh side of the bed and her arms spreaded widely apart. Trunks pulled the blanket and covered her as well.

Trunks passed his mother's room as he walked further down the hall. The light was off, which mean his mother was still not home. Where could they be at this hour? It's not like them to disappear like this. Trunk's frown deepened and he started to worry more. He decided to go out and look for them. Just as he reached the door, it started to open. His mother appeared behind it. Something is wrong. He thought as he stared at his mother awkward look. Her shoulder slumped forward, and her head drooped downward. The way she walked indicated something is terribly wrong.

"Okaasan? What happened? Why are you looking like that?" A stream of questions escaped from Trunks' lips. Trunks glanced behind the crack of the open door. Cira was no where to be seen.

"Where's Cira?" Trunksasked nervously, afraid of the answer he's giong to get. Bulma's body started to tremble. Trunks walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her. "What's wrong?"

Bulma cried freely on Trunks' shoulder. Trunks waited for what seem to be an hour until Bulma finally spoke. "Go to my room, Trunks."

Confused, Trunks did what he was told. While walking Bulma to her room, Trunks wondered what had happen to his mother for her to break down like this, and where is Cira. When they reached the room, Bulma sat down on her favorite chair and buried her hands in her face. "Close the door. I don't want Torie and Miko to accidently hear this." Trunks did so. He had a feeling whatever his mother had to tell him, he's not going to like it one bit.

A cry from the other room awakens Chi Chi from her deep sleep. She moaned and wondered who is crying. Finally she remembered the baby Trunks brought over this late afternoon. She got up and threw on a robe. She dragged her sleepy body over to the next room and flicked on the light. The baby that was sleeping in Gohan's crib started to cry louder. His little feet and arms swung everywhere, trying to catch someone's attention.

Chi Chi bent over int the crib and picked up the baby. Teh baby was still crying in Chi Chi's arm. Then Chi Chi realized she didn't feed the baby since six. "Bet you are hungry." Chi Chi smiled down at the baby. "Don't worry, Chi Chi's going to get you some food." Chi Chi went to the kitchen with the baby cradled in her arms. She pulled out an old bottle that used to be Gohan's and pour milk into it. When she finished, she fed the baby. The baby sucked on it hungrily. Chi Chi laughed. "Wow, you ARE really hungry."

Chi Chi carried the baby into the living room and sat ont he rocking chair. She rocked back and forth. "Hmm...I don't know your name." Chi Chi said, her eyes continued to watch the baby as he drinks the milk. "Maybe I should give you a new name." Chi Chi thought out loud. Chi Chi was surprised when Trunks showed up with the baby early this afternoon. He mumbled about founding the baby abandoned in a nearby village. Chi Chi thought who could be so cruel and left baby out to starve. Chi Chi was more than happy to take care of him. Secretly, she hoped she could keep him forever, but Trunks only asked her to look after him until he finds some other home for him. The baby started to giggle as he finished off the remaining of the milk. His giggle reminded Chi Chi of Gohan when he was just an infant. She was tempted to name the baby after Gohan, but decided against it. Gohan was already dead. No one could replaced him. Chi Chi thought sadly. "Goten.." Teh name mysteriously slipped out of her mouth. Chi Chi's eyes brightened. "Goten." She repeated again, smiling.

Trunks closed the door behind him and rested his back against the door. His mother finally fell asleep afther his hours of comforting. But who is going to comfort him? He asked himself. The news his mother brought him was indeed very devastating. he gathered himself and dragged himself to his his chamber as if his body weighed a ton.

He paused when he reached inside his room. He looked around blankly. He stopped when he got to a picture hanging above his bed. The picture was with him in a tuxedo and Cira in a wedding dress. Trunks walked up to the picture and traced the outline of Cira. A cold gush of wind blew throught the crack of the balcony's door, causing the curtains to flap violently against the wall. Trunks swallowed the lump in his throat and sat on his bed.

At first he didn't believe a word his mother said.

"Cira couldn't be dead!! You're lying!!" Trunks accused.

But Bulma's face already told him the truth.

Bulma shook her head. "I wish I was lying." Bulma said, sobbing between every word. "It was my fault."

Trunks spent hours convincing that it's not her fault, and comforting her at the same time, while his inside was torned with pain.

Trunks couldn't stand the idea of losing Cira. He ran his hand in circle on the bed. This bed wil no longer have two owners. He thought and pounded hard on the bed with his fist. "Cira..." He whispered. "What am I going to do without you?"

The memories they shared come rushing back to him. He looked at the door and remembered...

"Trunks!! I have a surprised for you." Trunks turned back and saw Cira's face beamed with excitement as she comes rushing in the door. Her hands were hid behind her. "You never guess what it is." Cira exclaimed, spinning around excitedly.

"You know I'm bad in guessing games, Cira." Trunks said, buttoning up his last button on his pajamas.

"So? Guess anyway. Come on?" Cira stepped closer to Trunks.

Trunks smiled. "Ok. Hmm..." Trunks held his chin with two fingers, and pretend he was thinking hard. "You bought me something really nice?"

Cira shook her head, still smiling.

"I give up. Tell me." Trunks saw a white piece of something in Cira's hand, and he wondered what it is. "What's that in your hand?" Trunks reached out his hand and tried to grab it from Cira. But Cira dodged his hand in time.

"Don't cheat." Cia smiled, backing up a couple of steps. "I'll give you some hint. I missed my period of two months."

Trunks' mouth dropped open. " can't be..." Trunks said, shocked.

Cira nodded happily. "Uh-huh, I'm pregnant." Cira took out her pregnancy test tube and showed it to Trunks. "It's pink."

Trunks reached out and grabbed Cira by the waist and spinned her around. "I can't believe it! I'm going to be a father!" He filled Cira's face with kisses.

Cira's laughed playfully. "I'm so happy."

Trunks will never forget the look on Cira's face, so vibrant and lively. Trunks shut his eyes. "Cira..." He whispered again. The curtains continued to flap against the wall. Trunks got up and walked to the balcony. He stepped outside. The cold wind blew against his face. He went to his favorite spot in the balcony and looked up in the sky. The clouds slowly moved in covering the stars. He looked down into the city. There were no more beautiful lights shining brightly. The laughter and the chattering that was once on the street a few nights ago had disappeared. All the people knew of Cell's existence. They all hide themselves in the house, thinking it would be safe. Trunks thought miserably.

Cira's death was all his fault. If he could have killed Cell when he had the chance, none of this would had happened. Cira will still be alive. Everyone would lived their life without fear. "Cira!!" Trunks finally cried out. A drop of water touched his face and then another. Soon his face and hair was wet with the raindrops. He lifted his face to the sky and welcomed the rain to fall freely on him. Tears became to form slowly, strolling down his cheeks as it mixed in with the rain.

I'm not going to let you die in vain." Trunks cried, burying his face in his hand.

Torie was the first one to wake up in the morning. She rubbed her eyes slowly. When did I fall asleep? Torie wondered. She left her room and went to the bathroom. No one seemed to be awake yet. Strange. She was always the last one to wake up. Her mother should be up making breakfast at this time. Why is everyone sleeping so late today? Too tired to think, Torie brushed her teeth quickly and went ot the living room. She turned on the television. The news came on. News?!?! She switched to another channel. More news. "What is this?" She asked herself. Behind the news reporter she could see everyone running and screaming.

"....stay home." The reporter warned. "The monster already attacked the south of Tokyo. It will be here soon. So everyone...please go back to your own house and shut all door." The reporter exclaimed as all the bystanders shoved and pushed him.

"What's all this commotion?" Torie flicked to another channel. A woman reporter appeared in the box.

"I'm here reporting live in Shokone City. As you can see here, some strange green monster had already attacked this city. Al the citizens of Shokone all vanished in one night. There are no words explaining their disappearance. All we know is every town and cities that had been attacked are filled with abandoned clothes.

Trunks swore behind Torie, startling her. "Otousan." Torie looked back. Her father was watching the news behind her. He was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. And from the look on his face, she believed he didn't sleep all night.

"Cell" He growled, ignoring Torie. Torie could feel her father's ki rising gradually as he continued to watch the news. The same monster her father fought the previous day was doing all this? She turned back to the television.

"...latest news." The reporter rambled on. "We found out near five hundreds people mysteriously disappeared since yesterday morning. This is only a raw calculation."

"Five hundreds?" Torie said in disbelief. She looked back and found her father had already left the house.

Torie sat there dumbfounded. "Was it really the same person otousan fought yesterday?" She asked herself, not realizing her grandmother was standing behind her.

"Yes." Bulma answered softly.

Her grandmother stood weakly beside her now. Torie could see the wrinkles carved deeply in her eyes. Obaasan always cared for her appearance, no matter if they are in public or at home. She always tried to hide all her wrinkles. And she always told me just because you're old doesn't mean you have to look that way. Why is obaasan looking like that this morning? Torie wondered. Strange things have been happening ever since the fight with the monster known as Cell. Who is he? "Obaasan? Tell me what's happening."

Bulma shook her head. "It's better you not know. You're too young to take on teh responsibility, I'm sure your father thinks the same way."

"I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm already twelve. I have the right to know what's happening. Please obaasan. Tell me." Torie pleaded.

Bulma turned away. She tried to hide the tears. How am I going to tell you your mother is no longer here? Bulma asked in her thoughts.

"Obaasan?!" Torie blurted out, impatiently.

Bulma blinked back the tears. "I suppose you should know everything." Bulma moved into the seat next to Torie and held her hand. "But don't interrupt me before I finish, or I won't be able to tell you."

Torie was a bit taken back by the affection her grandmother displayed, but she disregarded it and nodded.

"I should start fifteen years back when your father went back to the past. Instead of the cyborgs, he faced another powerful enemy also created by Dr. Gero, known as Cell...." Bulma started.

"Cell! You bastard! Your target is me, why are your hurting innoncent people?" Trunks yelled out. Trunks stood on the hill feeling helpless. He was unable to track down Cell and avenge his wife's death. And he was unable to protect the world from Cell's unmercifully killing. "Ahhhh!!!" Trunks' screamed filled the open land.

Bulma was finally finished. Torie sat there stunted by the story. Her heart was crying but her face was blank. "Okaasan? Dead?"

"It's okay to cry, Torie. There's no shame in crying. Just let it out." Bulma said comfortly. She understood how Torie is feeling. The pride in her stopped her from expressing her true feeling. Bulma stroked Torie's hair.

Torie lightly pushed Bulma away. "I want to be alone." Torie said, sadness filled her voice.

Bulma nodded. "I'll be in my lab if you need me."

Torie sat still without answering. A mixture of feeling swam inside her body, confusing her.

Bulma sighed and stood up. She walked away and glanced at Torie again. Why does misfortune always find its way to our doorstep? Why does all this has to happen when everything seemed to be at peace? Bulma exited the living room and found her way to the laboratory. She got something she needs to do. She hoped her skills as a scientist doesn't fail her now.

Torie stared blankly at the room. She chuckled as if all this was a joke. She finally got what she wanted, some excitement in her life. But in return, it cost her mother's life. All this was her fault. If she didn't followed after her father like a spoiled brat, her mother didn't need to chase after her. Then she wouldn't have encountered Cell. She would still be alive. Torie thought miserably, furious at herself. Torie laughed at herself. I should be crying right now. But I'm not. Does it mean I don't care that my mother is dead? But I do care. I'm hurting right now. I had never felt like this much pain before. Why can't I cry it out. Am I capable of crying? Torie wrapped her arms around her knee, sorting out her feeling. She will feel good if she could just releashed her anguish, pain, and sadness on someone. She wanted so much to kill Cell, but she know she will not last a second if she does fight Cell. And beside, she knows her father will avenge her mother's death.

Trunks snuck in the house quietly. Everyone should be sleeping. He wanted to see his family one more time before he fights with Cell. He has a feeling he will not be as lucky this time. Trunks checked on Miko first. He never imagined he would ever start a family of his own. He always thought that he will live with his mother for the rest of his life. It was Cira who gave him this, a son and a daughter to be proud of. Trunks watched Miko silently for a long time. It saddened him to think this might be the last he ever going to see his son again. He spent his whole life swearing that Miko and Torie will grow up with love from both parents. But happiness was like a thin string, ready to snap anytime. Trunks shook his thought away. This is no time to be emotional. He has a fight with Cell to worry about. He quickly pecked Miko on the cheek and left the room.

Trunks then stopped by Torie's room. The expression on face told him his mother already revealed Cira's death to her. It's harder on Torie to deal with the pain. She was like Vegeta, always keeping feeling trapped deep within her. Trunks sighed. He kissed her as he did to Miko. Luckily she was sleeping, because she will never allowed any of these affection to be shown toward her.

Bulma was scribbling some note when Trunks entered her room. "Trunks." Bulma quickly hid the note under her other papers.

"Okaasan, I came to check if everything's alright." Trunks said, moving in her room quietly.

Bulma nodded. "Everything is fine now. I told Torie about Cira today. I don't think she took it well. She stayed in her room all day."

Trunks sighed. "Torie has her way of handling her feeling, just like otousan."

Bulma smiled slightly. "Vegeta passed his trait down to his grandchildren. Looking at Torie always remind me of Vegeta."

Trunks returned the smile. "Hai." Trunks' face turned serious. "I actually came here to tell you I'm leaving for a few days."

Bulma saddened. "I have a feeling you're going to leave. But promise me Trunks that you're coming back to your kids and me. I don't want to be your babysitter for life."

Trunks smiled forcefully. "Of course I'm coming back, okaasan. I know what I'm doing." Trunks knew his mother will see through him. His mother always does. He could never hide anything from her. "Take care, okaasan."

"Be careful, Trunks, and I mean it." Bulma said.

"Hai." Trunks replied and waved goodbye to his mother.

Bulma watched as Trunks left the room. She leaned back against the chair. Vegeta once came in my room and said the same thing. But he never made it back.

Bulma was reading the files containing information on the cyborgs. She was stressing when she couldn't find anything useful on them. Bulma threw all the files in the trash can. "Grr...this is useless. Can't find a way to defeat them."

"What are you mad about this time?" Vegeta asked from behind. He stood against the door with his arms crossed as usual.

"What do you want now?! And why do you care?!" Bulma screamed.

"Hmph. I don't really care. You can be mad all you want." Vegeta said, without looking at her.

His comment angered Bulma even more. "So you decided to just drop by and annoy me? Am I right?" Bulma yelled, throwing her pen at Vegeta. "I don't need to take this crap from you."

Vegeta lifted his hand and caught the pen effortlessly. "I'm actually here to tell you I'm going to kill those bastard tomorrow."

Bulma was surprised at what Vegeta said. She calmed herself down a little. "Nani? You don't stand a chance against them."

"Hmph. I'm the strongest in the universe. Those bastards are shit compared to me." Vegeta said, but his tone told Bulma differently.

"We already lost Yamcha and Piccolo. There will be no more Dragonball to bring anyone back to life. You shouldn't make unnecessary sacrifice." Bulma pleaded. As much as she hated Vegeta sometime, he is still her husband and Trunks' father.

"Listen woman. I'm not sacrificing anything. I'm going to kill those bastard. You hear me?" Vegeta said angrily, swinging one of his fist in front of him.

"Fine! Go and do whatever you want, like you always do anyway. I don't to know why you bother coming here and tell me all this at all." Bulma replied, her anger slowly slipping back.

Vegeta smirked, "I want you to know who's going to be the one to beat them."

"I don't care anymore. All I care now is Trunks. You still remember him right? You know your son?" Bulma said sarcastically, growing tired of the conversation.

"Yah Yah. The brat, right? I don't understand why you human care so much abut things like that. Why don't you just ship them away like we do?" Vegeta taunted.

"Grr..why you? Get out!!" Bulma demanded.

Vegeta snickered. "Hmph." He turned around and began to walk out.

Bulma was heated at Vegeta. She stared coldly after him. Why did she marry such an insensitive, selfish bastard. She wondered. Just then, she caught Vegeta looking back at her and whispered something. She wasn't sure if she heard right. She swore she heard him said, "Take care." but she could be wrong.

Bulma looked at him again, but he was already gone.

Trunks past his room before he left the house. He went into his closet and pulled out everything. Deep inside, he finally found his sword. He blew off the dusts that collect itself over the years. It's been fifteen years since he used this sword. He pulled the sword from its sheath. The lights reflected off the blade, blinding his eyes. "Still good as new." Trunks placed the sword back into the sheath and strapped it around his back. "Cell, I'm waiting for you."

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